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The Trust Liaison also coordinated travel schedules, was used as an advisor and translator, managed the Bikinians’ scholarship program, and was accountable for the Bikini Council’s accounting. He additionally managed the Bikini Atoll tourism operation for the Bikinians. Along together with his guide about the people of Bikini, he has revealed a lot of articles, educational papers and pictures in regards to the Bikinians in the Guardian (United Kingdom), World View magazine, The Health Physics Journal, the San Francisco Chronicle and others. Duties of the Trust Liaison for the People of Bikini included the administration and coordination of the funds allotted by the United States government to compensate the Bikinians for their suffering and to facilitate the radiological cleanup of Bikini Atoll. Bikini, the Bikini Council’s legal professional, trustees, money managers, development companies, engineers, undertaking managers, auditors and business associates. Tianhe, the core module in China’s new, next-generation space station, launched to orbit on April 28, kickstarting 18 months of building in low-Earth orbit.